Our in-house team of pharmacists, chemists, botanists (herbalists) and engineers understand the need for science-based, safe and effective formulations. As specialists in formulation, we can help you develop effective and custom-made products, with proven delivery methods, enhanced efficacy, and optimal performance that deliver solutions to your and/or your clients’ needs and challenges.

You can choose from our stock formulations, customize a stock formulation or create your own distinctive formulation.

We collaborate with an international fragrance house to help you create your custom fragrance

Our ingredient sourcing team partners with national and international certified suppliers that offer a wide variety of high-quality raw materials, for safe and effective formulations at competitive prices. Each ingredient is subjected to an in-house quality control process to ensure performance as required for the formulation.

Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with leading technology and equipment necessary for developing high-quality health and beauty products compliant with GMP, FDA, EU and ENVIMA Regulations. Our facilities follow strict safety, health and workplace guidelines to ensure the safety of our products. All of our products are manufactured in Colombia with care and extensive expertise.

We are passionate to help you create the brand of your dreams. As packaging and presentation are among the most important aspects of marketing a product or brand, we can assist you in developing your concept, brand story, logo design, labeling and packaging

CIH Laboratory offers a variety of packaging solutions, including package design, prototyping, production and assembly. We can help you source high standard primary and secondary packaging products that will make your products and brands stand out from the pack. Delivery systems include sachets, bottles, tubes, ampules, sprays and jars.

We work closely with well-reputed printing partners who timely deliver labels, folding cartons, inserts, brochures and catalogues.

Our logistics team is happy to offer assistance with domestic and international fulfillment, logistics, distribution and shipping.

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